About me

I’m a Suffolk based engineer and musician currently working as Lead Developer for ClicknClear a music platform for performance sports.

After studying AI at Birmingham I worked for the BBC as a Technology Manager for a number of years where I got to work on a number of fun projects including iPlayer, BBC Radio, The modernisation of Broadcasting House, and Freeview and Freesat. More recently I was working as Head of Engineering for Intrasonics a Cambridge based audio recognition company.

I love all kinds of technology especially software development and recently I’ve become a bit of a functional programming geek.

Music is also a huge part of my life and I’ve played guitar and bass in bands since I was a teenager. I’m also co-founder of The Fretboard the UK’s number one guitar website.

I’m a keen runner and find 10k through some mud the ultimate stress reliever.

This site exists to collect together my writing and act as a hub for my varous projects. I don’t actively update it so posts will be infrequent.