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Xubuntu for EEE PC

I run Ubuntu on my laptop and desktop and though the KDE based distro that came with my EEE PC does have some plus points I do miss that buntu goodness.
I haven’t had a bash at installing it myself yet as most attempts I have read about seem to have fallen foul of the non standard WiFi and Screen.
Rather conveniently eeeuser have just released eeeXubuntu which includes some custom tweaks to the Xfce based Ubuntu variant to help it run on the EEE.
Xubuntu is a good choice for the EEE as it is considerably less intensive on system resources than GNOME or KDE based distros.
I’m not going to bite the bullet and install it quite yet, but I’ll certainly be keeping tabs on progress with it.
I’m hoping Hardy Heron comes with EEE support built in but until then this looks like the best bet for buntu fanboys with an EEE.

EDIT: It would appear that eeeXubuntu is the work of one oasisbob rather than an eeeuser comunity project.

Published 16 Dec 2007

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