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For a number of years I’ve been an avid poster to the Music Radar Forum.

It simply had a better community than any of the other guitar sites out there, but despite that I found myself getting frustrated with it.

It was based on the somewhat dodgy VBulletin and would often be riddled with bugs which the owners Future didn’t seem to have the time or inclination to fix and it’s gone offline for extended periods several times in the past. As I write this it’s been offline for over two weeks and it took them a week to even acknowledge there was a problem with no date for a proposed fix.

With this in mind me and some geeky ex forumites took it upon ourselves to see if we couldn’t knock up a better forum in a week, one that was run by the members, for the members, and do you know what, I think we’ve done a pretty good job.

So it is my great pleasure to introduce to you:



Published 3 Aug 2013

Engineer & Musician
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