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The Prestige - Review

I went to see this last week and was duly impressed.

The film focuses on a pair of aspiring magicians (Played by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale) who develop an intense rivalry. The pair become obsessed with stealing each others secrets which results in tricks aplenty and an escalating series of double crosses which spirals dangerously out of control and ends up consuming and ruining their lives.

The film is directed by Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, Memento) who is fast becoming one of my favourite directors and displays his typical style and love of twists and turns as previously shown in Memento. You definitely need to keep your wits about you so the plot doesn’t get away from you.

I thought the film was excellent and not really like anything I’d ever seen before. It also has a rather excellent cameo from David Bowie playing a partially fictionalised Nikola Tesla and if that doesn’t recommend it to you surely nothing will!

Published 21 Nov 2006

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