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The Playstation Phone

After much rumour and innuendo it looks like Engadget has scooped a photograph of the upcoming Playstation phone.

I’m hoping that it’s rather less of an unmitigated disaster than the PSP Go. Sony are still more than capable of making devices that press all the correct fan boy buttons (I love my PS3), but the Xperia X10 made me want to stamp on it after a few minutes. Comparing it to the Galaxy S and the Desire (HD or otherwise) it’s actually impressive how they have managed to make such an entirely dreadful phone out of almost exactly the same components.

I don’t know why I am clinging on to the vain hope that the combination of a failed variant of a long in the tooth portable and a phone that I actively dislike, will be the answer to all my portable woes. My HTC Hero has been an excellent companion for the past year and it seems very likely that the Desire HD will be its replacement when my contract expires, but a device as shiney and pleasing as a PS3 could sway my decision. 

Published 27 Oct 2010

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