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Stephen Fry Reviews The EEE PC and Claims Linux Is the Future

In the most recent instalment of Stephen Fry’s rather excellent blog he not only gives a very positive review of the EEE PC. He also claims that Linux is the future.

“The two great pillars of Open Source are the GNU project and Linux. I shan’t burden you with too much detail, I’ll just make the outrageous claim that your computer will be running some descendant of those two within the next five years and that your life will be better and happier as a result.”

While I’m not as optimistic as Fry I find this very interesting because:

Stephen Fry is a very clever man

Stephen Fry is well known for being an obsessive Mac fanboy.

His blog gets published in the Guardian which is the kind of mainstream exposure that Linux doesn’t usually get.

Published 4 Feb 2008

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