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Rick Rubin Gets It

Link to an excellent NYT interview with Rick Rubin. Rather awesomely he is now one of the heads of Columbia records.

It makes for some very interesting reading. It is refreshing to hear someone who now represents a major label acknowledging that much of the problem of the record industry is that they use their clout to strong arm crap onto people. It sounds so obvious to say it, but it takes someone like Rick to make them understand that quality = sales.
He also supports the all you can eat for a flat fee model of music which is prevalent in the tech industry, but anathema for the majors.

Rick is one of my heroes anyone who could have kick started the careers of: LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Slayer, RHCP and renewed Johnny Cash is alright by me.

I’m now expecting the Gossip to go far if Rick is taking an interest. You heard it here first.

Published 4 Sep 2007

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