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London Lites Lame Listings

I was reading the listings in the London Lite on the tube on the way home last night (A London Free Paper mostly concerned with celeb gossip) and noticed some truely lazy music journalism. Ray Lamontagne whose single Trouble echoes Nick Drakes softly spoken style

Say what?

Last time I listened to Trouble the guy sounded like a love weary Grizzly Adams bellowing an Otis Reading song, with a gob full of gravel. Drake on the other hand sounds like a painfully shy posh boy singing rather eloquently in a very English accent.
I think what they actually meant was:
I don’t really know anything about Ray Lamontagne other than the fact that he doesn’t do interviews and he is very shy and the most famous singer/songwriter I can think of who was also quite shy is Nick Drake”_

Tomorrow I’m expecting something along the lines of:
“If you enjoyed the Streets latest record why not listen to UB40 who are also from Birmingham”

Still what did I expect for free….

Published 26 Oct 2006

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