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Linky Love 28th Jan

I still haven’t got around to writing my review of my Sennheiser HD600 headphones, but rest assured that I will when I get the time.

I’m really excited that Amazon will be selling DRM free music worldwide. I know a few people who have got it to work from the US store, but I can’t be bothered with all that. Now if only a store would start selling FLAC files I could stop cluttering my house up with CDs.

Nokia have purchased Troll Tech
. You probably haven’t heard of Troll Tech unless you are a total Linux freak (It makes a tool kit that is used to make KDE ), but the interesting part of the story is that Nokia will now be a patron of Linux which is a huge boost to the mission for Linux desktops to attain feature and usability parity with XP and OSX. This is even more interesting with the news that KDE is due to be ported to Windows and Mac. I wonder if the two stories are related.

Lifehacker reported on a free web tool that can convert text into Mp3. I think this is a great idea and I might try converting some of the stories that get recomended on Boing Boing into audio to listen to on the tube.

It looks like the HD format war might not be the protracted battle that we all expected. Ars claim that Blu Ray is surging ahead, while Engadget claims that the death of HD DVD is now inevitable. Sony have also just announced that they have invented a new and improved Blu Ray module and rumours abound that a new and improved 120GB PS3 is on the way.

Finally as a bit of light relief after all that techy stuff check out this Italian guy rocking out to the Mario 2 music

Published 28 Jan 2008

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