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Linky Love 22 02 08

So many links so little time.
I’ve been trying to reduce my backlog of links to post, but it keeps growing faster than I can prune it, not to mention that I promised to review my Sennheiser HD600 cans ages ago, but still haven’t got around to it.
I’m going to give this entry a geeky flavor and post some funny stuff next time.

Cory Doctorow recently finished podcasting the whole of Bruce Sterlings “The Hacker Crackdown” which is a very geeky, but brilliant book about the history of hacking which couldn’t be further than the nonsense peddled in your average Hollywood movie.

I’ve had this in depth Ars Technica review of KDE 4.0 in my to read list for absolutely ages, but haven’t got around to reading it until now.
I’ve favored Gnome over KDE since I used Linux at uni, but this release looks good enough for me to consider switching. It doesn’t seem like it will be worth installing until 4.1 appears in June though.
With Nokia buying the Troll Tech technology that underpins its development and becoming an official patron things are looking great for KDE at the moment. The port to Windows and Mac OSX might also win some converts.

Voz me is a nifty little web site that converts text to Mp3s which means you can make pretty much any document into an audio book. When I was revising 12 hours a day for my uni finals (I’m not a swat I just I hadn’t been to any lectures that semester and it was a month till exam time) I had to sit in a dark room fending off migraines every so often and used a speach synthesizer
in conjunction with some Bit Torrented PDF files of the Harry Potter books to stop me going crazy. Whether I would have found them any less crap if Id listened to the Stephen Fry versions rather than having it read to me by a disembodied robot voice is another story.

Continuing the uuuber geek theme Neetorama had a rather groovy overview of early computing devices. Good stuff if you like letching over retro techno porn.

If you don’t visit Lifehacker you really should. They recently published an overview of all their free productivity software. I use Better Gmail, Better GReader, Better Youtube, but they have a whole bunch of great stuff.

The security of encrypted hard drives received an almighty kick in the nuts this week as some researchers got around it with the aid of a spray can and a thumb drive. It’s real James bond stuff.

Finally for todays over long and super geeky installment. If you have been wondering about dabbling with Linux, but can’t be bothered with partitioning drives and all that technical stuff then try this easy method to run Linux inside your Windows desktop.

Published 22 Feb 2008

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