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Linky Love - 17th Dec

Rather than over posting with too many links I’m going to try bundling them up in a round up post. Let me know what you think.

I would love this story about an 11th grader at a US school getting detention for using Firefox, but I have the feeling it might be fake.
That said I do know a guy who’s kid got computer literacy homework of finding out how to use features in MS Word and failed because they were using Fedora with Open Office!

I also love this story about the porn industry loosing money because of the popularity of adult You Tube variants if only for the fact that I’m imagining the poster for Home Taping is Killing Porn!

Boing Boing
is linking to a superb paper analysing the insanity that lead to Sony BMG installing spyware on users PCs.

Over on TDDO Spanners has been suffering after the dentist saw fit to sew his mouth shut!

Published 17 Dec 2007

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