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Linky Love 17 Feb

I know I haven’t written any serious content for a while, but I have a stack of links to get out of my GReader Starred list and so without further ado here is todays linky love.

Lets start with a bit of levity. The cast of Spongebob Redub Classic Movies This one has been doing the rounds now for quite some time, but if you haven’t seen it you are missing a treat.

Amplive have remixed In Rainbows and after hairy moment where it looked like Radiohead’s label would sue it’s all kosher and you can get it gratis and at no charge.

With HDDVD dead and EA saying this year will be the PS3’s year it’s looking like this could be a good year to be Sony (now if only they would bring back Aibo). This Freview PVR add on which hooks up with the BT vision system isn’t going to be the killer app, but it’s one more
reason why PS3 is looking like the console to have in 2008.

I was shocked to hear that school kids are getting fed unscientific dross about Brain Gyms. The Guardians Ben Goldacre provides a typically excellent expose.

Finally if you want rock power look no further than this 250,000 volt tesla coil based guitar amp. Personally I would love to see what Matt Bellamy could do with one of these things!

Published 17 Feb 2008

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