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In The Audience For Later With Jools

I had a pretty excellent day yesterday…

I’ve been wanting to see Later With Jools being filmed since I started watching it about 10 years ago and yesterday I managed to blag some tickets from a friend who knows someone on the production team, but couldn’t go. I only found out the tickets were on offer at five pm on the day of the show so it was a rush and very pleasant surprise.
I had a bit of a worry when I got there because the tickets said no light clothes, or coats and I was straight from work and wearing a Daz white shirt. The audience manager said that people in light clothes might have to stand out of the way rather than be with the main audience, but I managed to get away with it with judicious use of keeping my jacket on and standing behind the missus who sensibly dressed in black.

Standing behind Robert Plant

Once we were in having walked straight past the midget like Kelly Jones Emily noted a sign on the table right in front of us saying “This Table Reserved for Robert Plant” which as a fairly obsessive Zep fan you can imagine was pretty damned exciting and lo and behold he sat down right in front of us with Alison Kraus (If you watch the show you should be able to see us standing behind when Jools is interviewing them).

The show was awesome and was filmed totally as live in one take. If you have been despairing about all the fakery in TV these days you can be assured that Jools is totally genuine as you see it on TV.
The line up was: Stereophonics, PJ Harvey, Estelle, King Creosote, The Foals and the traditional world music group who’s name escapes me, but were introduced by Damon Albarn. If you want to see it I think it will be shown on Friday in three weeks.

On the way out back through Television Centre I couldn’t help but think what a shame it is that soon all of this will be demolished or turned into luxury apartments and the people in the audience who stopped to take a photo of the famous sign reminded me that it is a privilege that I get to work in such an iconic building.

Published 1 Nov 2007

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